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The EU Response to COVID-19: Implications for NZ businesses


- 13 May 2020

Lighthouse Europe hosted a webinar to discuss the European Union's response to the COVID-crisis and implications this could have for New Zealand businesses.

As the largest trading bloc in the world, the EU remains a strategic player on the world stage and an important trading partner for New Zealand both in terms of export and import trade. COVID-19 has created the greatest economic crisis in Europe since the Great Recession and the Sovereign Debt Crisis. The economic effects are far-reaching and could be long-lasting. NZ businesses, therefore, have an interest in learning what Europe is doing to exit this crisis and open Europe back up for business.

The webinar covers the actions which the European institutions are taking at the European level and in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

At the end of this webinar participants will know:

  • What policies the EU is taking to exit the economic crisis

  • How the EU’s policy response will drive future growth

  • How COVID has shifted the EU’s priorities

  • Where the future opportunities might be for NZ business


- Lighthouse Europe's team

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